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Rainmeter v4.5
12 Oct 2021
Rainmeter v4.4.0.3338b β
7 Nov 2019
Rainmeter v4.0.0.2746
1 Jan 2017
Rainmeter v3.3.3.2744
14 Jun 2015
Rainmeter v3.3.0.2494b β
3 Apr 2015
Rainmeter v3.2.1.2386
27 Oct 2014
Rainmeter v3.2.0.2326b β
15 Jul 2014
Rainmeter v3.1.0.2290
16 Jan 2014
Rainmeter v3.1.0.2290b β
10 Nov 2013
Rainmeter v3.0.0.2106b β
31 Mar 2013
Rainmeter v2.5.0.1842
18 Nov 2012
Rainmeter v2.5.0.1827b β
8 Nov 2012
Rainmeter v2.4.0.1678
26 Jul 2012
Rainmeter v2.4.0.1677b β
22 Jul 2012
Rainmeter v2.3.3.1522
25 May 2012
Rainmeter v2.3.0.1471b β
6 Feb 2012
Rainmeter v2.2.0.1116
11 Dec 2011
Rainmeter v2.2.0.1103b β
10 Oct 2011
Rainmeter v2.1.0.959
11 Apr 2011
Rainmeter v2.1.0.953b β
8 Aug 2011
Rainmeter v2.0.0.745
6 Feb 2011
Rainmeter v1.3.0.560
27 Jun 2010
Rainmeter v1.2.0.440
8 Apr 2010
Editorial review
Rainmeter v1.1
25 Jan 2010

What's new

v3.2.0.2326 [15 Jul 2014]
Rainmeter 3.2 Beta
The folowing are the changes for the 3.2 beta version of Rainmeter. You can safely install the new 3.2 beta version right over your existing Rainmeter 3.1 or earlier installation, and nothing you have done will be lost or changed. There is never any need to uninstall any earlier version of Rainmeter to use the newest version.
Changes in Rainmeter 3.2
July 14, 2014 - Revision 2302
Fixed Rainmeter: Corrected an issue where the #SCREENAREAWIDTH# / #SCREENAREAHEIGHT# built-in variables would not initially detect the monitor the skin was loaded on until a refresh.
Fixed Layouts: Corrected an issue where the list of Layouts in Manage / Layouts could be off by one if the @Backup Layout was missing.
Fixed Power plugin: Corrected a STATUS issue when the battery level is higher than "low", but not currently charging.
Changed Language: Updates to Russian language.

v2.5.0.1842 [18 Nov 2012]
FileView plugin. This powerful new plugin will index and gather information about all files and folders in a defined path. Information supported includes the path, name, size, type, date, and icon. Commands can be used to scroll through the index of files, move up and down in the folder tree, and select files for display or opening with the associated program.
Added new ClipString=2 setting and new ClipStringW / ClipStringH options. This will allow for more dynamic clipping and wrapping of a string while sizing the containing meter to accommodate the entire contents. Details are at Change Announcements.
Added new Mouse Actions to support the scroll wheel. Details are at Change Announcements.
Added new Mouse Variables. These are "macro" variables used in the context of a mouse click action to provide the current X and Y position of the mouse cursor relative to the meter or skin in pixels or a percentage. Details are at Change Announcements.
Added new OnUpdateAction command to Skins, Meters and Measures. This will allow an action to take place when the element is updated normally or by any bang.
Added new OnChangeAction command to Measures. This will allow an action to take place when the value of a measure changes.
Added new OnFocusAction and OnUnFocusAction options to the [Rainmeter] section of the skin, to execute actions when a skin gains or loses focus (by clicking it) in Windows.
Added "*" as a wildcard parameter to the !UpdateMeasure and !UpdateMeter bangs to immediately update all measures and meters.
Changed the behavior of the WebParser ProxyServer option to better handle how WebParser interacts with Internet Explorer for proxy management.

v2.5.0.1827 [8 Nov 2012]
- Changed illustro: The RSS/Atom reader skin has been removed from the default illustro skins and layout on a new installation of Rainmeter. This is due to the pending end of the "Google Reader" service from Google on July 1st. Existing Rainmeter installations will not be effected.

v2.4.0.1678 [26 Jul 2012]
- Fixed Rainmeter: Fixed an issue with focus on tray context menu.
- Changed Context: Changed "Help" to open the new Rainmeter Documentation.

v2.2.0.1103 [10 Oct 2011]
-Alt Tab now displays the Rainmeter icon for the Manage/About dialogs.
-NowPlaying.dll: iTunes shuffle state change now detected immediately.
-Additonal localization / language support.
-Changed the behavior of AlwaysOnTop / Z-Position settings.
-Stay Topmost, Topmost, Normal and On Desktop now all will remain visible when Windows "Show Desktop" or "Win M / Win D" is used. The behavior otherwise remains the same. This change can be globally overriden (for all skins) by seting NormalStayDesktop=0 in the [Rainmeter] section of Rainmeter.ini. This should eliminate the need to set skins to "On Desktop" in most cases, other than pure "background" skins that you want to remain behind other skins at all times.
-CoreTemp.dll: Fixed that Scale, NumOfDecimals, etc. didn't work with -MeasureName=SomeCoreTempMeasure.
This change may slightly change the display of results (e.g. CpuSpeed will now be displayed without decimals by default, while it always showed two decimals previously)
-Fixed a Meter=Button problem with buttons not working in some cases, caused by an earlier update.
-Fixed a problem where the new "position" was not being saved after a refresh when !ZPos was used.
-Fixed an infinite loop / hang when Rainmeter.exe is called with a bang containing square brackets (e.g. Rainmeter.exe !Bang "[Text]")
-Made some log messages more consistent.
* Fixed that album name and cover were not always displayed with Winamp.
* Shuffle and repeat state is now rechecked on track change with iTunes.
* Improved performance when reading file tags/cover,
* Updated iTunes SDK files.
-Fixed that the Measures panel in the About dialog sometimes displayed incorrect values.
Improved performance when drawing images. (2-10 times faster in some cases)
-Fixed a problem where negative (W)idth or (H)eight values could crash Rainmeter.
-NowPlaying.dll/iTunesPlugin.dll: Fixed incompatibility with iTunes controllers.
-NowPlaying.dll: Removed support for caching cover art.
-NowPlaying.dll: Fixed some bangs which caused iTunes to crash when no track is playing.
-Minor performance tweaks and code cleanup.
-Additonal localization / language support.
Fixed a bug with StartHidden in [Rainmeter] caused in earlier beta.
-Fixed a crash of Rainmeter in some cases if W= was negative.
-Fixed an issue with a language .dll file not loading correctly.
-Various updates to language / translation files.
-NowPlaying: Fixed issues caused by new 10.5 version of iTunes application.
-Localization: Several languages added / updated.
-WebParser: Fixed that matching failed with Codepage= other than 0 and 65001 in some cases.
-PowerPlugin: Fixed crash when waking up from sleep/hibernation in some cases.
-Manage Themes: Fixed that loaded wallpaper was not set permanently.
-Installer: Fixed that default language detection failed on 64bit Rainmeter.
-Installer: Now remembers language selection
-Added initial support for localization / language in the Rainmeter application. The application UI, context menus and log entries.
-New languages will be added during the course of the beta cycle, as translations are provided and validated.
-Fixed that "Edit Skin" in "Manage" caused a needless UAC elevation prompt in some cases.
-WebParser: Fixed a RegExp failure if the data contained embedded NULL characters.
-DynamicVariables are now supported on plugins for settings that are common to all measures, like MaxValue, Disabled, etc.
-Removed support for using Rainmeter.dll as a LiteStep modual. This was required to support Localization project.
-Fixed a bug in "Manage" that did not save the skin "Position" value correctly.
-Reduced overall system resource usage.
-Fixed a bug in "Manage" that did not allow negative numbers to be entered for "LoadOrder".

v2.1.0.953 [8 Aug 2011]
Added the ability to use Ctrl Key to override mouse actions on skin or in Rainmeter.ini.
Bug fixes and additional functionality for Manager and About.

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